About Us It's Nice to Meet You!

After living in Paris for 14 years and travelling all over the world, Alessandra Cabral has returned to her hometown and set up her own local tourism agency. Dynamic, curious and passionate about dance and music, Alessandra managed to combine business with pleasure. Allez Samba Rio is just like her, a place where people can share their love for culture, nature and sport.

Allez Samba Rio gives people the opportunity to live the city culture as it really is and not as a common foreigner. During your trip to Rio you will be able to improve your skills by visiting favelas and samba city, parading with a Rio´s samba school, climbing Pico do Papagaio at Tijuca National Park, participating at Roda de samba (samba night out), learning how to play guitar and percussion instruments at workshops.

The name of the association “Allez Samba” is a pun easily understood by French people. “Allez” means “Let’s go”, so “Allez samba” literally means “Let’s Go Samba”. But if you pay attention, the sound of the expression itself “Allez Samba” reminds us of the name of its founder, Alessandra.

Allez Samba Rio also offers you themed travels. “Take part and parade” gives you the opportunity to live an unique experience, through a complete immersion in Street Carnival. You will take up samba lessons, with the best Rio teachers and finally you will wear a typical costume and parade at Sambodromo. “Living Afro-Brazilian culture!” is for those who are interested in discovering the influences of the African descendants. You will get to know the Orixás dances (Candomblé’s gods), and play with the Blocos Afros (samba-reggae percussion bands) in Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia’s historical center, all of these experiences will be a part of your incredible trip.